Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Work in Progress

I'm pretty excited that this piece is working out, and feel the need to share it.
Our local "Center for the Arts" is having a college exposition, and since I am enrolled in the Open Studio at the college, I qualify as a student.  I've had this little number simmering in the back of my brain since I made a fabric version a year and a half ago.
 It's a 60-sided figure, and was a little trickier to put together than I expected.  If you've worked with clay before, you know that pieces have to go together wet.  Which means it's a little bendy, and sloppy.
I still have to put a hole in it somewhere (so that it doesn't explode).  I'm thinking of glazing it black, and putting a hole large enough to fit a flower stem, and displaying it as a vase.  Kind of a symbol of war and peace).  I think that would be appropriate given the current social climate, don't you?

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