Sunday, 13 April 2014

Some little desserts...for display.

I'm still working on the little felt food props to go with some of my dishes at the Carlisle Country Craft and Old-Fashioned Market Mercantile.
I had come across these little doughnut pincushions via Pinterest and decided I wanted to make something similar.
The size was determined by the scraps I had on hand...three strangely shaped oblong pieces.  I traced the inside of the packing tape roll to get the outside diameter, and a thread bobbin for the "hole".
 I decided to cut the "hole" a little smaller than I had traced it to allow for how much it would change while stuffing the doughnut.
 I stitched the "hole" first, and then stitched about 1 inch of the outside at a time, stuffing as I went along.  It takes a surprising amount of stuffing to fill one of these tiny little doughnuts.  A good solid hand full I would say.
 Nearing the end of the stitching, I stuffed as much of the stuffing in as I could fit, and  then stitched it shut and massaged the stuffing around to even it out.
 For the icing, I traced the same outside diameter, but then...
 ...I cut it all drippy and melty.
 And repeated the same on the inside.

 I stitched the icing into place with matching thread (In hindsight, it would probably be easier to stitch the icing and beads on first and then sew the doughnut sides together, but this way wasn't bad either).
 Added some "sprinkles"...
 ...and made a few different "flavours".
 I think they will be just the thing for the section of my table that is set up for dessert and tea.
 And I can switch them around as items (hopefully) sell.
In the meantime, we will use them on Wednesday at the Earth SmART Art Show at the school for the picnic bicycle display - photos of which I will share after the event.

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  1. Your attention to detail is amazing!

  2. fabulous. i made some years ago, but nearly as awesome as those. :)

  3. so delicious, Natalie! makes wish I had something as tasty just now!