Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cute little baby booties

No original title for this post...they just simply are adorable little booties...
 Someone very near and dear to me is having a baby.  I'm so terribly excited I started knitting even before she told me the news.  The seamless booties pattern is free on Ravelry by Laura Yarnthrower, and the acorn pattern is the spiffy little acorn pattern, also free on Ravelry by Revati Poole.  I just connected the two acorn per bootie with a single chain of crochet, but you could just as easily make an I-cord.

Go make some, but be careful when gifting to a pregnant lady.  Bring tissues.  I love you, A :)

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  1. love these little acorn booties! the new mom will be so excited!

  2. aw they are so sweet! What a lovely gift

  3. Just lovely, the little acorns are so cute. thanks for sharing

  4. Those are adorable... and the colors are perfect together. :-)

  5. The last line made me tear up. Xo A!