Friday, 18 April 2014

From the kiln - April

It occurs to me that it has been a while since I have posted any "from the kiln" pictures, so today, while I price and wrap and pack for next weekend's show, I am snapping a few pictures to share.

 I tried my hand at throwing again a couple of weeks ago.  Although I am still no good at trimming on the wheel (which I have to admit is why I stopped throwing in the first place---you can only bust through the bottom of so many pots before you take a break from it) I have discovered that I quite enjoy hand trimming and carving.  So, there may be more wheel throwing in my future (just the drinking vessels above...the rest are hand built).
 Hanging planters just waiting for their ropes.
 A couple more small mugs came out of the kiln.  Two of the four are to my satisfaction.
 You may or may not have seen these already, but now all 4 are out.
 The rose bowl that I am absolutely thrilled with!  Yippee!  No cracks, no bare patches, no crawling, no ugly bits.  Just nice shiny glaze and it covered the roses very well.
 The little scoops are out.  Still looking rather like a child's tea set.
 A pod bird feeder ready to go.  There was a blue one too, but it stuck to the shelf.  
 This one had gone into the seconds pile originally, because some of the holes had filled in with glaze, but my husband said he thought that was intentional so that some would show clear light and some would just glow, so now it's in the "to test out" pile.
 Cutie patootie.  This one is for a votive candle, but I see a vase to "match" in the near future.
A yarn bowl of rather generous proportions.  I happen to like it very well myself, but then I'm partial to brown.  I tend to make the yarn bowls white and blue or white and turquoise, or white and green as that is what so many knitters have bought from me in the past.
I am particularly fond of the very "drippy" inside.  Very fond, even though a particular person who saw it said "oooh, what went wrong there?"

The reduction kiln at the college was loaded up last night, so hopefully I will have a few more delights to share next week.

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  1. Beautiful work! Your rose bowl is amazing.

  2. So many beautiful creations, they are all wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing :)