Thursday, 22 August 2013

Getting ready for a show

So I have been kind of quiet around here lately...I've been getting ready for a big (to me) show coming up this weekend.  An outdoor show - which means I have a lot to get ready!  So day by day I have been working on decorations for my booth and finishing up the last of the adjustments to a few of the pottery pieces, like this:
 adding ribbon and beads to the hanging pot...
...adding a pin cushion top to this little pot...
...getting the jumbo candles for this jumbo "jack-be-nimble"...
...wrapping up some "gift packages" to display some of my gift tags.
 These pom pom flowers are going to be in a couple of the vases so that I don't have to worry about bringing water and fresh flowers.  I am very smitten with these and will be making some more...lots more, I think.

Next week I will share pictures of the show- what worked and what didn't.  Have a fine weekend everyone.

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