Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A lovely weekend in Carlisle

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a fantastic pioneer festival/craft fair in Carlisle Ontario.  I met some fantastic people, and thought I would share a glimpse of the show.  I was busy in my booth throughout both days, but some of the vendors have shared pictures.

Note:  The following pictures were taken by Miriam Bauman of Mini made.

 The canoe maker also had boomerangs and demonstrated some of his skills.

The village green for picnics, kite flying and croquet.

 A couple of donkeys were at the show on Saturday from the Donkey Sanctuary (part of the gate proceeds went to the sanctuary).  They were a big hit.

 Many of the vendors were demonstrating...this is me outside my booth making tiny little bowls.

 Metal garden art...I just love these.

I was right across from the beeswax candles, and they put a lovely scent in the air.

 Handmade dolls.

 Lovely decorations.
 Pie eating contest.  

 Miriam's booth inside the barn.  She made sunbonnets for the show as well, and it was so cute to see the little girls all running around in their new bonnets.

 The story teller moved into the barn for the second day of the show.

The soap maker, spinning on a drop spindle on the second day.  There was a fiber artist spinning on the wheel at the back, and also a weaver and rag rug hooking demonstrations.

The following pictures were taken by Katherine Kokiolek.
 The blacksmith made pieces all day long.  These two were very entertaining.

 It was a very family friendly, pet friendly affair.

 Lost Sock Planet.

 Metis Caravan

 Stained glass

 Shabby Chic refinished furniture.


And, a photographer on site to capture the day in vintage sepia prints. Yvonne Parsons Photography.
I missed out on this, but will definitely be finding the time next year.  So fun!

Anyways, for those of you who attended...thanks for coming out.  For those of you who missed it...there's always next year. 

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