Tuesday, 20 August 2013

DIY packaging #2

In case you missed it, my first batch of cereal box packaging can be found over here.  I still needed something a little larger, and came up with these:

They are quick and easy to make, because they take advantage of the fold lines already in cracker and cereal boxes.  Here's the how to:
Cut open the box to lay it flat.  You will want to cut along the side that is glued shut.
 Mark the center of your box at the top and lay your template down to trace.  I found that no two boxes in our cupboard were the same size, but that the template still fit on all of them.  (More on making your template later on in this post - seems backwards, I know, but bear with me).
 Trace the template on both sides of the box, and add tabs as indicated in the photo above.  Cut along all the blue lines.

Using a straight edge, make a fold in the side panel.  Make sure that you are at a 90 degree angle from the existing folds in the box.
 I punched holes in mine to add a ribbon.  You may choose to cut a handle instead, or punch just one hole...
Run hot glue Edited to add:  the hot glue only lasted one day before cracking apart again.  I will stick with my trusty carpenters glue - just make sure to clip it with a clothes pin or weigh it down while it dries.  Run glue along one of the tabs  - whatever side is going to be the OUTSIDE of the box, is the side that gets the hot glue...
 ...and press it firmly into place, hold it down  clip it with a paper clip, clothes pin, alligator clip, etc long enough for it to dry.  Repeat with the other four tabs.
Ta-la...you have a package.  If you are normally of the "tissue paper pouf in a gift bag" persuasion:
 you are pretty much done.

Now, for the  template...  I drew the first one free hand.  Well, more specifically, I drew HALF of the template free hand, cut it, and then folded it over to draw the other half exactly the same.
For round two:
 I traced the pottery plate that was going into the package so that it would fit perfectly...added my branding sticker, a ribbon and a pottery button and my eco-friendly packaging for a door prize was finished.
 Top view - it's the exact same size.

Then, I tried a cracker box:

I traced a lid...find any size or shape that you want if you don't want to try freestyle...
 ...and used a straight edge to join it down to the bottom (still making sure to center it).
 Cut the same tabs,
and then have some fun with it.

Quick, easy, from the recycle bin, and customizable.  A win on every level.

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  1. These are all very cute. What a clever idea!

  2. love this! thanks for sharing! I may wrap something for a baby shower in a cereal box soon.