Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I know some of you have been patiently following along as I prepared decorations for my son's graduation.

I know I promised to post pictures of the event with everything in place.

When I walked into the hall, it was nothing at all like what they had told me.  The plan flew out the window and we had to readjust everything.  Luckily, they had two little dividers in the hall just sitting in a corner, so I quickly claimed those to make the best of things.  My big plans for the cake table got downgraded to just this one garland with a backdrop of ferns...
...and most of the other garlands got put to use in this makeshift backdrop for the photo booth.  (Meet the boys if you haven't before...).

I had big plans to take pictures of everything set up, but when I finished my part, other people had to work on theirs.  When we showed up for the event, there were lights to turn on, candles to light, people needing help, and children meeting up (some of them for the last time as they move in separate directions).   So, no pictures of centerpieces, photo booths, stage display, etc.  Instead, the centerpieces went home with the students, the garlands are at the school for future events (bake sales, open house, spirit committee, book sales), and the photo booth props are at the school for one last hurrah.

Next time...

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