Thursday, 6 June 2013

Craft show Prep - background

Otherwise known as "drawing attention"...

If you have been following my series on craft show preparation, you may remember that my next craft show is an outdoor event.  I was looking for something that would draw interest all the way to the back of my booth, and I figured these garlands should do just the trick as they will hopefully move a little in the wind, and catch they eye with the motion.
 I plan to safety pin them to the top back corners and drape them down (kind of like an inverted rainbow).
I really enjoyed the pompom garlands I made for the cake table for my son's upcoming graduation so I thought I would do the same for the show.  Just a bag of monotone pompoms from the dollar store threaded on to quilting thread.  I made one using a torn book (too ripped to be used at the school's used book sale - it's Star Wars, by the way).  I trimmed each page to remove the margins, and folded them in half around a long piece of yarn (for extra support) and ran them through my sewing machine.  I may still paint a watercolour leaf or something onto the pages to kind of jazz them up a bit, or cut out a shape from the inside.
One is a ribbon, one is twill tape.  I had originally planned to iron them smooth, but I really like the way they look kind of "scallop-ey".  The last one is leftover felt run through the sewing machine.  The pennants are 2" wide and 4" long.

The fun part about these is they are quick and inexpensive so you could easily make them up to change the look of your display for different events.  I think I'm going to do one with jingle bells for my pre-Christmas shows, and I'm thinking fall leaves strung together for a fall show. 

These are all neutral for the specific show I am doing...all tents, tablecloths, etc are to be white, beige or neutral colours, so I am continuing on with that.  I am thinking of making a set in all greens to use at other shows.

The sky is the limit any of you have a backdrop you change out for shows?  Or a pinterest board of ideas you would like to share?

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