Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Around the "farm"

I stayed home from work yesterday due to a whomping headache.  In the afternoon, though, I was able to go meander about the yard to see how things were coming along.
 The peach looks like it is doing very well.  It is so loaded with tiny fruits I had to take some off so the branches won't snap.  It's the first time I have had to do it and probably didn't take off nearly enough so I will revisit in a few days when I can handle it again.  I know it is good for the tree, but I also know that so many are going to get bug bites I want to have something left to eat.
 The first red strawberry.  Just one.  Yep - I ate it without sharing.
 Elderberry blossoms.  My first.  I look forward to tasting this.
 The first haskap berries.  I ate one of those too.  Delicious.  More like a grape than I expected.  I was expecting it to be like a blueberry.  I look forward to this growing over the years as this year there are only about 8 berries on it.  The other one right next to it has not a single one.  Not sure what that is all about.
 The wild blackberries that I transplanted into my garden a few years back are doing better than anything else.  They are loaded with berries, which is exciting because the best jam I made this year was black currant with wild blackberry.  I hope to repeat it this year again.
 After years of trying and failing, I think this may be the year that we actually get some ground cherries.  This is the most advanced I have been able to get a plant so far.  I have TWO of these seedlings that have survived so far.  Not sure why I am having so much trouble, but I bet over the years I have planted over 100 seeds and this is the best to date.
 I planted spiderwort last year when finding out that it is actually edible AND the flowers can be used for dye.  The plants are loaded with blossoms, and although I would normally be rushing out to harvest them on a daily basis to use, this year, I have accepted the reality that I won't have time to dye anything with them, so I am enjoying them as they are. 
 As is this tiny tiny bee...
I have been focusing on the fruits and vegetables for the last couple of years, so it is always nice when an old friend comes back year after year.

What's happening in your garden/ homestead/ farm this week?

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  1. Lucky you with your peach tree! We've had 3 strawberries so far and they were delicious.
    Been having a very cold and wet spring and the garden seems to be progressing ever so slowly. Thankfully the lilacs are in bloom and look and smell wonderful.
    Do you make elderberry wine? I was thinking of trying next year.

    1. I have yet to try an elderberry at all...I read about them, and our nursery happened to get them in a month later, so I thought I would give it a shot. My only regret is that I planted it in the backyard where I can't see it on a regular basis. It is so pretty I wish I had put it right in the front yard!

  2. Yours is a fruitful garden. I hope you enjoyed those first berries. I find it is alvays the best, eate fresh from the plant, warm form the sun. I'm a few weeks behind (Denmark), and still have flowering strawberries.
    Spiderwort, which kind? It seems there's a zillion different Spiderworts. Which colour would you get if you dyed wiht that one?
    Happy harvesting

  3. I don't know what kind of spiderwort it is was the only one at my nursery last year. I have read that it will dye a true bright blue but as the plants are only babies, I haven't tried it yet. Hopefully next year.