Monday, 19 December 2011

Handmade Holidays - Teacher's gifts

I have to say, I love having handmade holidays.  While my friends are out shopping for gifts and gift wrap and fighting the crowds, we are staying at home baking and crafting and spending time doing things we enjoy with family and friends.

So for this week's handmade holidays post...more cookies...
Every year we make home baked goodies for the teachers.  Most years, we make cookies, but sometimes we make breads, scones, muffins, and other breakfast goodies.  This year, we went back to cookies.

Because we give such simple gifts, we like to "fuss them up a bit".  A few weeks ago, I made these gift bags:

In October, I sliced a fallen branch into slices to use as gift tags.  You may have seen them on earlier handmade holidays posts (see here and here).  For the teacher gifts, I made them a little more fancy by painting them instead of using a marker.
 I used "Spun Gold" for the letter and "Bronze" for the highlighted portion, and outlined them with a black pen.

I also made some fabric feather tags to add.  I would love to give credit where credit is due here, but these are all over the internet so I don't know who to credit.  I believe I saw them for the first time on the "Green Wedding Shoes" website, but I can't be sure.
I added some real feathers to mine, and tied them together with gold thread and hot glue.
I put the cookies into a small plastic bag first, and then into the gift bag to keep them fresh longer.  Some teachers are getting a variety of cookies, so I put each flavour in separate plastic bags and then into the larger gift bags. 
I quite like how they turned out, since I usually put them in boxes.  I think I might do bags again next year.
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  1. I like your name tags, so neat. We just finished cookie baking yesterday. Cookies to be delivered tomorrow. :) I love handmade holidays too, I am so not about crowds and shopping.