Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mushrooms and toadstools.

A few weeks ago, I was playing around with some leftover clay and made this little collection of mushrooms.
None of them modeled after anything in particular, except the morel in the middle.

 And then when we went camping, I came across these interesting specimens...
...and these bright red ones!
And these wavy ones.

So back home again, I made a couple more...

 And kept discovering them.
 All over the place.
 This one was huge.

I would love to learn more about them and find out which ones we can eat.
And of course, now I want to make some fairly realistic copies in clay.  
I'm just trying to figure out how the stem can support the heavy top.  
Stay tuned.

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  1. I have always wanted to forage for mushrooms too but have always been wary. I remember my father used to pick armfuls in the Autumn and fry them in butter and garlic. They tasted so good! Your mushroom sculptures are truly magical!

  2. These are just so sweet! How wonderful to recreate some of natures treasures

  3. Oh my, Natalie - you know I will just have to have some toadstools! Fantastic!

  4. Oh aren't they lovely - what a way to turn inspiration into reality!

  5. Love all these mushrooms... especially he red ones... what a find!!!
    xo Donni

  6. Lovely mushrooms, they look brilliant as a group.

  7. Those red mushrooms look so... so... beautiful and scary at the same time. I love your ceramic mushrooms and toadstools.