Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A knitting post...finally.

So I started a pair of socks way back in February that were supposed to be a pair of birthday socks for my son who ONLY wears ankle socks any more. I gave up on the idea of surprise socks because I just couldn't "sneak" the size of his foot.  So here is the first pair.  They fit.  He says they are comfortable (that says a lot coming from the pickiest person I know, clothes wise).
 I really wish I could share the pattern with you, but I printed it off in February and there is no title anywhere, and it's not saved to my Pinterest board, or my Ravelry favourites.  Go figure.  I know I first came across the idea for them here on the purl bee.

 Started on my first day of holidays, and finished two days after we got new cowl.  In "not-grey"!
It's just a super simple garter stitch.  I think 30 stitches. Every sixth row is a pattern row, with Yarn ver, K2tog, knit 2 stitches, repeat.  I spaced them out so they alternate, but it looks equally pretty when they line up perfectly.  I used exactly one ball of yarn, and may end up ripping out the seam to add a couple extra inches if I can get another ball of the same colour.  It's a wee bit snug for my taste.

And what's a knitting post without a yarn bowl?  The mate to this one has already been delivered.  They were a prototype, and I love them, and I will be making many many more.  And that's my sock yarn in "acceptable boy colours" waiting to be turned in to more ankle socks.

Reading:  Edible Wild Plants, Build your Own Earth Oven, and going to the library tonight for some fiction.


  1. Beautiful yarn bowl. My daughter wears her socks the same way. I could never. Give me high top socks please - especially hand knit ones!

  2. Those socks look so comfy. And the cowl looks lovely.

  3. I love that new yarn bowl! The socks look great. My son is also super picky, so I haven't knitted for him in ages (he's only ten, but very sure of what he will wear!) I agree with Donna - I am a long sock person. I can't stand socks that fall down into my shoes! But hey, quicker for you to knit, so that's a good thing!