Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Of Flowers and Vases

I love bringing fresh flowers into my home.  From the first bloom of the year (daffodils at my house) all the way through to the last greens of winter, I usually have a little snippet of something fresh in at least one room in my house.  
I've been working on some new vases so that other people can have that luxury too...vases that I hope are lovely enough to stand on their own, but not so intricate that they detract from the flowers that I add. 
 Especially since I tend to just grab a few simple blooms without ever doing anything fancy with them.
I'm finding that I really like grey vases with flowers.  For years, I made all my vases white, but I think I see a lot more grey vases in the near future.
 See how the flowers just pop against it?

 And although these aren't vases, I think the flowers on them give me permission to add them here.
I made them as spoon rests, but people have been buying them for ring dishes, soap dishes, for business cards...that's one of the things I love best about doing shows in person...you get to talk to the customers and see just how they are going to use the pieces in their every day lives.

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  1. WOW! Those vases are breathtaking! and the plates, oh my! I especially love the blue flowers and butterfly. You create such works of art.

    1. Why thank you so much, Nicole. I do so love to add flowers to things. :)

  2. How come I've never noticed your beautiful pottery so far? I love grey vases but they are quite hard to find. The striped one with the tulips is especially lovely! Adorable work altogether!
    Lena x

  3. Loving all of these! I miss pottery-making so much.
    I have to find a class soon.

  4. I love the spoon rests - so pretty!
    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award (hope you don't mind!) You can read about it here on my blog.
    Your pottery is just so lovely, I had to share it!