Friday, 27 March 2015

Fixing Paper Bag Handles.

Ok, here's the thing...I don't have room in my house to store a bulk order of paper bags, but I did need some for a craft show last year.  I happened upon some at a Dollar Store and thought they would do just the trick as I could buy only as any as I thought I would need for the show.  Well, as these things normally get what you pay for.  These bags might be fine to hold yarn, or baby slippers, or something like that, but certainly not pottery.  The handles kept ripping out!  I finally decided it was time to go ahead and fix the handles - and if you are in a similar situation, here's what I did:
 These particular bags just had a thin piece of tape holding the handle down (which I couldn't see at the store as there was a paper wrapper holding them in packages of three).
 I cut the tape and peeled it off the handle... glued the handle back in place...
...and then covered the whole thing with a layer of packing tape.  
Times two sides per bag.
Times 35 bags.  What else was I supposed to do with them?
But my lesson is learned, and after I use them up I will be returning to the fabric bags I have been making the whole time the paper bags were in the "to fix" pile.

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