Sunday, 28 December 2014

I'm back...

I've been gone for entirely too long, but I'm back and ready to go...

Just a quick update today to say my etsy shop is back up and running and new items have been listed today.

 Three new sets of buttons for those handmade items you work so hard on.

a set of 6 hand made, refillable candle pods currently poured with 100% beeswax.

Every year I tell myself that in order to spread out my holiday preparations, I'm going to tuck away a few stocking stuffers each month or a few hostess/ thank you gifts and every year I forget part way through the year.  I figure if I offer some of my own, I'll remember to stock up at the same time.  So- here's the first offering...with 6 in the set, you can keep a few to light up the winter months and you can pack a few away for the next holidays.  They work out to be only $7.00 a piece and make a lovely gift.

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  1. all your work is very beautiful but I especially like the candle pod.

  2. Welcome back - happy to see your creativity is still blooming :)

  3. How beautiful! I am always in need of buttons for sweaters. I'll head on over and take a peek.

  4. Lovely buttons!

  5. Those buttons are adorable! And the candle pods! LOVE! Happy to see you back in this space :-)

  6. Beautiful buttons - so sweet! What are they made of?

    1. They are made of clay, fired in the kiln, glazed and then fired again so they are water-tight.

  7. Lovely buttons - you can never have too many!!