Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Where I've Been...in the garden

If you are a regular reader, you will have noticed that my posts have become a little irregular lately.
 I've been spending all of my free time getting the garden in order since we had such a late start this year.  The sage is doing wonderfully!  It's huge.
 Last year's onions are still providing us with all the green onions we need.
 Sorrel, which comes back year after year is one of our first greens.  I tried it sauteed in a pan according to something I found on the internet.  Imagine pureed spinach (texture) that tastes like straight up lemon juice.  I think I will just continue to add a few leaves to our salads and sandwiches instead.
 We are at the very end of the asparagus harvest.  I only have two plants left, but I actually picked more than ever.  Two meals worth, plus some little snacking.
Not food - but so pretty.  A few here and there in the house are really making a difference.

 Rhubarb is also doing better this year than ever before.  We just keep cutting and cutting.  yum!
You may (or may not) remember my "eat what you grow/grow what you eat" challenge from quite a while back.  I wanted to see what we were able to grow enough of to last all year.  Herbs are one thing that we definitely grow enough of.  This is half of the sage I have harvested so far.  We now have enough for my family.  The rest will go to friends, neighbours, and the food bank.

Also planted: tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, greens, pumpkins, zucchini, and some new herbs.
New perennials: grapes...hopefully they take.  It's my first time trying to take vine cuttings.

Coming soon:  all kinds of berries.  That's always a great addition to the lunch box.

What are you growing?

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  1. Oh, I planted tomatoes, Kale, red lettuce, romaine lettuce, and green peppers.
    Now I need to keep the bunnies away. Your gardens are AMAZING.