Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Felt sushi - more craft show props

There are only 15 1/2 weeks left to the Carlisle Country Craft and Old-Fashioned Market Mercantile (by next big sale) and there is still so much left to do.  While the studio is on a break, I'm taking the time to make some more faux food props to set the scene.
These would be so great for a kid's play kitchen that I had to share.

 I started by cutting strips of felt - some of which then got "julienned" and some were left plain.  I've got carrots, crab, egg, yellow pepper, orange pepper, red pepper, avocado, tempura in the following pictures.
 Basically I just rolled are wrapped the coloured "filling" bits and then wrapped it twice or so in white felt and then one layer of a dark green "seaweed" felt and stitched it shut.  Because these won't be handled that much I didn't worry about gluing or sewing any of the fillings, but if it was going to be for play food, I would probably dab some glue here and there on the fillings.
 I also made a bunch of different kinds rather than 6 of one piece.
 And then for my little "double dippers" I cut some pink felt for ginger and a circle of dark brown for soy sauce.
 And of course, because they are props for my pottery, I have to share that too.  This one (above) is my favourite.  I made a bowl for Empty Bowls in this style and it was very difficult to part with, so I made some sushi plates.
 This plate, I think is "cute" but it doesn't scream sushi like the bamboo one...
...and this one, not so much either.  I think some plain white ones are in order - although there are still a few awaiting their turn through the kiln.

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  1. too fun :) love the sushi and all the plates! The blue is my fav though.

  2. Oh my gosh.... what it must be like to live in your brain! I love the sushi!!

  3. These are adorable and so creative! thanks for the post!

  4. Nom nom nom, me want sushi! LOL

  5. Love the sushi! I agree, I like the bamboo plate the best too.