Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Working on Costumes for the Carlisle Country Craft and Old-Fashioned Mercantile

Last year I attending the Carlisle Country Craft and Old Fashioned Market Mercantile as a vendor for the first time. click here to see pictures of last year's event

I had such a great time I thought the boys would like to go with me this year.  Well, not only are they coming, but S is going to be one of the buskers (magic) and N is going to be the "Gamesmaster" to help entertain children and add to the festivities.  Needless to say, costumes are in order - they're optional, but seriously, we all know that I'm going to make costumes - who can pass up a chance to dress up as a pioneer for the weekend?

Although there are hundreds of ideas out there for girls (I have been collecting a few of them on this Pinterest board), the patterns for boys are limited.  I have decided on vests, suspenders, pouches, hats and possibly a bow tie for S, and then just regular pants and a light coloured plaid button up shirt (if I can find them).

I started by looking for patterns on-line and in the costume section of pattern books at my local fabric store.  I couldn't find anything that was the right size and style.  But then, in the clearance section I found this one...it's NewLook #6036...for $1.00!

I actually bought a men's jacket at the Goodwill to take apart for this vest because I wanted the nice big pre-made pockets.  The boys each picked out their own with the fabric they liked ---funny enough, not even close to what I would have picked out for them (I would have picked brown tweed).  The lining on this one isn't from the jacket, since I sliced right through it while taking the jacket apart.  I think I might line the other one in plaid flannel for fun.

There is just one part that I'm not too happy with.  The jacket I bought had a lapel pocket and no matter how I positioned the pattern piece, I couldn't get it to fit and still keep the pocket at the bottom.  I ended up having to cut below the lapel pocket and make the front pattern piece out of two pieces, using a spare piece from the arm.  I'm hoping it will look better once it is ironed very carefully. (Note: the orange shirt was for contrast in the photo, and then somebody decided he looked so great he had to wear the ensemble to school this morning - as is...pick your battles, right?).

Also, this morning, N asked if I could add a button.  From the picture on the pattern, I thought it would allow space for button holes, but it turns out the buttons are just decorative.  I'm going to add button holes to both sides and lace it up, I think (like Peter in Monastic Tudor Farm on TVO - are you watching that?  It's the best one yet!).  On S's vest, I will add an extra piece to the pattern to allow for buttons - I think).

A note about sizing:  I made the size XS first after measuring my 14 year old.  It fits my 11 year old - and he's not big for his age.  I'm going to have to make the M for S. If you are going to use this pattern, I would suggest making at least one size bigger than the measurements suggest - I'm going 2 sizes bigger for S.

We also picked up this hat at the Goodwill for an extra $4.00.  They had leather cowboy hats and lots of straw hats.  The girl that was working said they often have them in.

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