Wednesday, 12 March 2014

From the kiln

Lots of new items are coming out of the kiln lately...enough to finally re-open the etsy shop.  It's a slow process, but I'm getting there.
Tiny vases
Pansy pods
Acorn beads and oak leaves
Lots of vases...since I'm getting ready for spring shows.

Mugs---sold in pairs on etsy, since it costs the same to ship one mug as to ship two...silly.
Great big colander
Lots and lots of leaf candle/dip cups.
Soap dishes starting to come out, but I'm not sure yet about listing these as the shipping will probably more than double the price.  To be dettermined.
Pencil pods-otherwise known as bud vases
Yarn bowls.

Lots and lots of pictures still to take.  I'm still pretty new to photography so it takes me a really long time to photograph the pottery...although the photography session we did at the potters' guuild has helped tremendously.


  1. The vases are fantastic! Great idea for displays. Will go to your Etsy shop, also.

    Visiting from Creative Friday...

  2. What lovely things you make. I do like the little acorn beads and oak leaves.

  3. Your work is beautiful, I wish I'm closer so I can see them in person.

  4. Whoa. The tiny vases are gorgeous! They are all beautiful and attractive. I’m thankful to stumble upon on your blog. Everything is exquisite!

    Sebastian Chuter