Tuesday, 23 July 2013

This is where I live

About a five minute drive from my house, we have the opportunity to enjoy this:
 We could bike there for crying out loud (well, maybe next year when N doesn't give me a heart attack in traffic...they have graduated to "adult" bikes and can no longer ride on the sidewalk according to bylaws).
 We are learning to take advantage of what our city has to offer.
I am learning to loosen up and take time to just enjoy life.  
All those unfinished jobs will still be waiting for me when the weather is not quite so nice, right?
Totally unrelated:  the last hurrah for some of the garden produce.  Much of the garden has been a disappointment this year, but the rhubarb...oh, we have had a bumper crop of rhubarb and there is much of it in the freezer to enjoy this winter.


  1. That looks a lot like where I grew up... right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Beautiful!

  2. I so miss living near the beach. Our rhubarb got eaten by something, a rat, my father-in-law thinks! I prefer to think it was a cute little mouse. What are you planing to make with it?

    1. Emma,
      That thought makes me shudder...I would prefer to think a raccoon even. Most of it will be used for rhubarb strawberry preserve once I get around to it. Some in rhubarb cake, and I will have to save some for the recipe in Jamie Oliver's cookbook for crispy rhubarb pork. I completely forgot to make some this year.

  3. Crispy rhubarb pork! that sounds amazing. I love Jamie Oliver's recipes, but have never seen that one.