Wednesday, 31 July 2013

DIY eco-friendly packaging

 I needed some packaging for the next "craft" show I am doing.  This one is kind of a pioneer fair/old-fashioned mercantile kind of show.  The hostess has asked that we do not have any plastic packaging materials...which suits me just fine.  It's an eco-friendly show, so what better material to use than my huge pile of cereal boxes?
To get the biggest packages possible, I cut right along the seams of the cereal boxes.  If you need tiny packages, you could use cracker boxes.
 Mark a "tab" at 5/8" from one edge.  Measure the rest of the rectangle and mark it lightly with a pencil along the halfway line.  This line will be visible on the outside of the box if it is too dark.
 Use a compass, a plate, a lid...anything round to mark an arch across each of the four sections.  Note: a small plate will give you a deep (height), narrow box.  A big plate will give you a box shorter in height, but it will be wider across.
 Cut along the arches, and taper off your "tab".
 Use the same "circle" to trace 4 arches that are mirror images to the outside of the box.
 Using a straight edge and scissors, or a knife, or a sharp tool, score the middle line of the box as well as the "tab" line.  You will also need to lightly score the 4 interior arches.  Note:  You need to score the OUTSIDE of the box.
 Fold the box.  Spread a bit of glue on the tab (I found hot glue did not work for favourite for this project is actually carpenter's glue, but white glue works).
Apply pressure to the glue - use clothes pins, alligator clips, paper clips...whatever works for you - and let it dry completely.
 Tuck in the flaps one by one by pinching along the score line.
You can glue one end shut as well if you choose, but mine need to flat-pack, so I am not gluing them.  The ribbon will hold everything nice and snug.  For my show, I am leaving them pretty plain, but I might whip up several of these for tiny gift boxes that can be embellished with yarn, ribbons, pompoms, etc.
I also wanted to make sure I could add a handle to these for people who are walking around the show, viewing other booths, eating, petting alpacas...whatever.  Rearranging the ribbon and tying it in a snug know actually makes a really sturdy handle.  I am also adding a sticker which matches my sign to help people remember me....yep, even though they will likely recycle the package the minute they get home...cuz that's how I roll.  So there you have it, pillow box packaging made from upcycled cereal boxes for an eco-friendly show.

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  1. How clever. That looks amazing and it's eco-friendly too. I will definitely be using this tutorial in the future. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a great idea. The end result looks very professional, and rather posh.