Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Around the "Farm" This Week.

Like most areas around here, we got some snow...
 I think the city looks so much prettier when there is snow...well, until the snowblowers and plows come out.  We are one of the few families left on the street shoveling the old-fashioned way.
 Our indoor cat was let out for a little adventure.  He liked the snow, but really did not like the wind at all...which is strange because in the summer, he loves the wind.
 Random pretty things...
I always like the look of snowy branches against a grey sky...
 Inside, we are keeping warm with soups, stews, baked goods...
 Something I am testing out - more on this later if it works...
 ...and of course, there are repairs being done.  N's room is currently empty so the ceiling can be fixed. 
I found our creature in there before I remembered to shut the door.

What is happening around your "farm" this week?


  1. I agree, bare trees against a cloudy sky is one of my favorites.

    I love your photos.

  2. Your soup looks delish! And I can't wait to see more about your project!

  3. Are those buttons, Natalie? I haven't been around in a while and am not sure if I have seen you make ceramic buttons before. They look absolutely beautiful!

    Oh and the food. I really, really need to get back into shape, but I now have a craving for some cookies! Maybe I should try to crave the soup instead!

    1. Why yes, Jeannine, they are buttons. At least I hope they will be. They are something
      new I trying.