Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Finished object, and a birthday.

I'll be joining yarn along at small things just to show the hat about half way down this post.  It's N's birthday hat, so this post will be all about him.  I haven't yet shared the pictures from N's birthday...he declared it the best birthday ever.

Homemade english muffins for breakfast, with "rhuberry jam" as per his request.  Then school, even though he asked to skip for the day.
Dessert was "candy sushi" - cupcakes, rice krispies treats, and cookies wrapped in fruit by the foot and topped with coconut and sprinkle "rice" and candy for the filling.  This is his new mama-made sushi plate that is supposed to look like bamboo.  It kind of does, and the wonderful thing about N is that he loves everything I make...even when it doesn't come out as I intended.  And he sure loves having special dishes for individual things - like eating spaghetti from a sushi plate.
 A lot of candy sushi... N sure loves his candy, so for his birthday - why not, right?
He had also been asking for a campfire on a daily basis for weeks and we hadn't had time yet.  So of course, for his birthday, some of our friends came over for a lovely evening around the fire.  And sparklers. N has become a firebug.  He loves to start them, he loves to watch them, he loves to light candles.

He truly enjoys life!  I need to take a little page from his book and live in the moment the way he does.

His Saturday chore is to clean the powder room.  He lights candles to do it because "it's prettier".

He takes true delight in selecting his herbal tea from the tea chest - it's like a treasure box to him - and then he savours every single sip.
I shared this hat a few weeks back being modeled by his brother (N hadn't received his birthday hat yet).  This is how N wears it in the house because "it makes him look like an elf".  Actually, this is also how he wears it in the grocery store, and on the way to school if it is not so cold that he needs to pull it down over his ears.  Never mind what people say about his hat - this is how he likes it.
And this is a tame version of his daily sock choice.  He likes to wear non-matching socks because matching socks are just too boring.  I should add that he is usually wearing much brighter colours on his feet.  He has a selection of red, teal, green, blue, striped, solid, argyle, and a couple pairs of white for "please wear some decent socks today" events.  He has been doing this for 4 years now - and you know what - then longer he does it, the more people he converts.

He calls our attention outside whenever the sky looks interesting - pink in the morning, multicoloured in the evening, a strange shade of orange or yellow - he never ever misses one.

He collects rocks that sparkle, or look interesting (never mind that he leaves them in his pockets when the pants go through the laundry).

He has the biggest pile of blankets on his bed that I have ever seen.  Last night  I counted 2 sheets, his "soft blanket", a bigger soft blanket, a quilt and a comforter - just so he can make a big nest of it and curl in all nice and cozy.

He will eat a whole bowl of popcorn with chopsticks, just because he loves eating with chopsticks.

I truly hope that he doesn't outgrow the delight he takes in simple every day things. Two nights ago it was "Oooh, breakfast for dinner?  That's fancy - let's light some candles!"  And I hope he continues to teach me these things.  May you all take a page from his book today and take delight in the moment.  I plan to.


  1. <3 happy birthday to your boy. he looks great in his elf hat. and candy sushi.. what a great idea. :)

  2. i have a good friend who is a grown, professional man and wears different socks and shoes on a daily basis. good for people asserting their own personality and style! your sons sounds charming and I hope he had a lovely birthday. i love the hat!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son and to you! You know I think I will follow his lead and light candles while I clean. Brilliant boy. Your son is a wonder and he just sounds beautiful! Love the candy sushi and the bamboo plate!

  4. N sounds like a fun guy. Happy Birthday to him.