Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mason Jar Frogs

It's summer time.  
Time to gather a few flowers from your garden and bring them indoors to brighten things up.  
Time for displaying the wildflowers your children bring in from their walk. 
And time to share your bounty with family and friends.
 I love putting flowers in my many (MANY) mason jars, but I always found that I needed so so many to make a nice arrangement that didn't flop all over the place.
 So I made myself some frogs that fit over any standard mason jar...and then I made a whole bunch more!  See how well they hold up just a few little stems?
They fit all of the sizes, so I can cut violets in the early spring and put them in the teeny ones, lily of the valley in the pint jars a few weeks ago, and I'm looking to putting such a variety of wildflowers in the quart jars all summer long.
If you want to play along, I have them listed in 6-packs in my etsy shop under the "vases" section.

They can also be custom ordered for wedding centerpieces and bouquets for a DIY wedding.

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  1. Cool idea, I shared on social media.

  2. Another amazing idea - love them!

  3. Neat idea, I've not heard them called frogs before

  4. that is quite a clever idea! I like how they keep those floppy flowers straight and true :)

  5. Great idea!

    I had no idea those were called frogs. :-)