Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Knitting, Buttons, and Yarn Bowls

I've been making and making in the studio, but I have nothing finished to share yet.  Here are some of my works in progress...
 I am IN LOVE with these new buttons I'm working on.  I have cedar, juniper, and boxwood in the works.  They are underglazed and waxed and ready to glaze and fire.  Hopefully late this week or early next week.  My favourites are the tiny little juniper ones, or maybe the rectangular ones... I can't really decide.
Also waiting to be glazed are the "wood slice" buttons.  I'm looking forward to seeing these finished.  I have a few with great big holes for a big bulky yarn, too!

 Still plugging away at my striped scarf.  It's pretty hard to sneak in some good secret knitting time.

 And the yarn bowl of the day...
I'm currently working on another batch of yarn bowls.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I love the leaf buttons! Now I just need to start working on knitting a cardigan so I can use some!

  2. I love the leaf ones too, they are beautiful.

  3. The buttons, scarf and yarn bowls are all lovely.

  4. I'm loving those buttons! And the yarn bowls! And the scarf! So many beautiful things in one post. :)

  5. Your buttons are beautiful, almost too good to use. I love your yarn bowls the glaze is gorgeous. This is something I've added to my wish list to stop my yarn running away.
    Ali xx

  6. Oh I'm going to have to bookmark you and visit your buttons :) so lovely.