Monday, 9 December 2013

Winter Art Market

I participated in our local Winter Art Market on the weekend, and if you are not too bored of pottery pictures yet, here is another round:
I love using these cubbies my husband helped me build for the smaller items.  It helps during set up, because I just have to plunk one thing in each section, but it also helps the smallest pieces from getting lost on the table.
 This was my first time ever being in an end booth, so I took one of the cubbies off the table to put on the side so that I didn't have just a big blank white space.  See the lamp there? Four of us (vendors) in the room I was in went home to get a lamp because the area we were in was very dark.  The ceilings were low, the lights behind us didn't work (heck some of the outlets didn't even work) and we couldn't see our items.  Note to organizers:  if you are hosting an event like this, please make sure you have adequate lighting!
 Have I shared my apple blossom platter yet?  I love the way it turned out.  
 And for once I am sticking to my decision.  This pair of pods (I call them the daffodil pods, because I can't wait to plunk a little bunch in each of the vases) will NOT be separated - at least not by me.  They just look lonely when they are not together.
 My new pendant / gift tag display.  It is a long linen tube that has a sand bag in the bottom and then is stuffed with wool.  It takes up WAY less space on the table than spreading the pendants all about, and quite frankly, I just about sold out of pendants, so I think it did it's job.
 This is for A.  This is the size of my new tiny tumblers that I am planning for the children's tea sets.  They are probably about 2 1/2" tall or thereabouts.
Candle cups were the item of the day.  I think I went home with three.

I met the most fantastic vendors this weekend.  So many I have never seen before.  I collected business cards and there is definitely some networking in my future.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your booth looks wonderful Natalie as does your pottery. Do you have an online shop?
    Warm wishes,

    1. I did have an online Etsy shop, but I have temporarily closed it while I focused on all my holiday shows. I am trying out a Facebook page ( for local customers but plan on posting more frequently here on my blog since many of my readers are not on social media. You can always leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. i love those tumblers. they are fabulous.