Wednesday, 18 September 2013

From the recycle bin - a pennant garland

We had our open house over at N's school last night, and I was looking for something to add interest to the "we are trying to get volunteers" table, so on my lunch break at work yesterday I came up with this little number. 
It is made of tissue boxes, and was easy peasy.  Here's the how to for new crafters:
And yes, if you are wondering, I DO choose my tissue boxes based on the patterns.
Open up the tissue box along the glued seam.

Using a paper cutter, or a pair of scissors, separate the patterned panels from those with print.

For this project, I only used the side panels.  Keep the smaller bits though - they can be used for other projects later (like these gift tags - you need to scroll down a bit).

I cut each piece to the same length (4 1/4") but I wasn't too worried about the width (tissue boxes are not standard, I have found).  I figured that would just add to the "home-made charm".

To cut the triangles, I just centered the bottom on the edge of the blade.
and then slid it over to do the other side.
NOTE:  If this project is being done by children, I recommend using scissors instead.

I hot glued along the top of the back, and tucked it up under one edge of a long piece of seam binding.
I glued all of the backs first, 

and then flipped the whole thing over to glue the front down as well.

I'm pretty sure a sewing machine could go through the cardboard as well, but hot glue is what I could fit in my purse :)

This is half of it, as we were setting up...

It's a nice, quick, easy project if you need a last minute decoration for an event that sneaks up on you.
Go ahead, start saving those tissue boxes.  You will start seeing so many ways to use them.

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  1. I love what you have done. Please come show off your creativity at Frenzy Friday.
    We are at I will not be a party without you!.

  2. Cute! I love that its so much cheaper than scrapbook paper or something!