Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Free pattern - little knit toy bombs

When the boys were little, they had little stuffed felt blocks that they used to have indoor snowball fights with. Over the years they got pretty nasty looking and eventually got thrown out.  They miss them, and I thought I would make them some little cartoon bombs - a la video game- so thry could do it again.  They are rather quick to make...maybe a little over an hour start to finish.
I used some leftover worsted weight yarn from the stash, and size 4.5mm needles.  The gauge isn't really important so you can adjust your needle size up or down depending on what yarn you are using.  Directions will follow for a small, medium, and large toy bomb.

You are going to work back and forth on two needles for a few rows before joining in the round. 
Cast on 4 stitches onto one dpn.  
Row 1: Increase into each stitch by knitting into the back and then into the front of each stitch (kfb). 8 stitches.
Row 2, 4, 6: purl
Row 3: kfb into each stitch.  16 stitches.
Row 5: (kfb into one stitch, k1) repeat to end of row. 24 stitches.
Row 7: (kfb, k2) repeat to end of row.  32 stitches. Join in the round here for the small bomb with 12, 12, and 8 stitches on the three needles.
Row 8: knit in the round for small bomb.  purl for medium and large

Medium and large only: 
Row 9: (kfb, k3) repeat to end of row. 40 stitches.  Join in the round here for medium bomb with 15, 15, and 10 stitches on the three needles.
Row 10: knit in the round for medium, purl for large.

Large only: 
Row 11: (kfb, k4) repeat to end of row.  48 stitches.  Join in the round here for large bomb with 18, 18, and 12 stitches on the three needles.

Knit in the round as follows:
small: 5 rounds, medium: 11 rounds, large: 17 rounds

Large only:
(k2tog, k4) repeat until end of round.  40 stitches. Knit one round.

Large and medium:
(k2tog, k3) repeat until end of round.  32 stitches. Knit one round.

All sizes:
(k2tog, k2) repeat until end of round.  24 stitches.
Knit one round.
(k2tog, k1) repeat until end of round.  16 stitches.
Knit one round.
(k2tog) repeat until end of round.  8 stitches.
Knit one round.
(k2tog) repeat until end of round, putting all 4 stitches onto one needle.
Break yarn and switch to your "wick" colour.
knit in I-cord until your wick is the desired length.  Cast off.

Stuff your bomb through the opening at the bottom at stitch closed.  Weave in all loose ends.
Make a handful.  Enjoy!

By the way:  I am on the last of the "Little House" books in the box set. I don't know what I am going to read when I am done this one.

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  1. Heehee, those are so funny!! I'm sure your boys will LOVE them!

  2. Oh my goodness - these are too funny! I think I might need to knit some for myself :)

  3. Those are so cute! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Ha! My older son is going to love getting some of these for Christmas! He's really into pirate play. Thanks!

  5. So cool!!! You could add little faces and they would be the Bo-Bombs from the Super Mario series too!

    1. I am still considering adding a big red "X" to them so they look like the fruit ninja bombs...but then I would have to knit a bunch of fruit to go with them, and I think I just may be out of time.

  6. Wow!! Love those and something my older boys would like and unfortunately use too. Wonder if I can add another project to my list? Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. My son would have loved to have those when he was little. So cute and a neat pattern!!

  8. What a fun pattern! Thank you for sharing!

  9. These are adorable! (Well, not so much for my sake... but my big boys would love these!!!)