Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Magic acorns, as my son calls them...

Here is a super easy, super quick craft for any lovely (little?) lady in your life.  My son calls them magic acorns...I call them super cute!
 Find caps that fit nicely on some round beads...this may be the trickiest part...although kids seem to love this step.
 Cut a short piece of beading wire - about 6" - and lightly fold it in half.  Then twist and twist until you get a nice loop.
Find the smallest drill bit you can, and drill two holes through the acorn cap.
Insert your wire loop through the holes.
 I twisted it once with my fingers and then held on to the top loop while twisting with little pliers.
Hot glue in your bead.  You're done...easy peasy.

If I had thought about it before I had wrapped up the package to send in the mail, I would have put them into magic walnuts too, but I only thought of it this morning.


  1. Those are too cute and I will be collecting acorn tops this afternoon. Thanks for sharing such a sweet idea.

  2. Love it!! What is it with kids and acorns, anyway? My kids love them too. :)