Monday, 25 June 2012

Raspberry sorbet

 A few days ago, I had decided that after the raspberries were done, I would rip most of the raspberry canes to plant something else next year.  They take up a lot of space (probably about 200 square feet) that could be used for growing veggies, and we weren't really using them up very much. 
In previous years (2009 above) I had a helper to pick them...this year, no one seems to be interested.  So I was picking them - because they are there - but I still had a bag full in the freezer from last year.
The other day, I picked just over a pound of them.  So I looked up a recipe to use them up.

Enter...Raspberry Sorbet....da da da DAAAA!

So super easy, fast, and oh my so so good.
Note: even if you have to buy the raspberries...this is probably still worth it, it is just that good.
One pound fresh raspberries, rinsed...put them through a food processor until they are nice and liquidy and then put them through a sieve.
 Add 1 1/4 cups water and 6 tbsp honey.

Put in a freezer proof container with a lid on it, in the freezer for about 7 hours
 Enjoy!  The full recipe along with many others is in the cook's garden by Canadian Gardening.
I am really starting to quite like this book.  There are sections on all kinds of fruits and vegetables as the season progresses.  How to grow, harvest, and a handful of recipes for each fruit/vegetable.  I love just looking through it to kind of get ready for what is coming up next.  And, to be honest, I like that it is a Canadian book, because it isn't full of all kinds of things I just can't grow here.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...this recipe has earned the raspberry canes a reprieve.  They will be staying for a while longer yet!

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  1. I never thought of sorbet! We've got our first black-raspberries at the Big House (my parents house) and I just got back from picking up two red raspberry bushes for the Cottage (our house). I can't wait till next year, we're going to be swimming in berries (and it won't cost us $5 a pint anymore!)

  2. Oh yum! Raspberry sorbet sounds delicious!

  3. oh that is so wonderful.yum yum raspberries are my very favorite summertime fruit!! I will have to try this recipe it looks so delicious!!
    Your patch is so beautiful I hope to have a patch that big..I got a bunch of raspberries bushes this year on a local freecycle yahoo group a women was thinning her bushes out listed them for free..maybe you could list your beautiful bushes on craigslist?

    Did you cut your bushes back at all or would you just let them be?? Still new at growing raspberries.

  4. This sounds delicious! I didn't realize that sorbet was so easy to make. Last year our raspberries didn't ripen, so i'm hoping they will this year. I imagine this would also work with red/black currents (we have lots of those).
    Thank you for sharing it.

  5. YUM! That looks delicious! And the colour is so beautiful!

  6. It looks delicious!! Did you pull a Little Red Hen and eat it all yourself? :)